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SETCO’s expanded rim Wheel Loader line is available in a variety of tread designs that offer superior durability, extreme traction, and proven performance. This lineup offers more pushing power, load capacity, and reliability when compared to the competition. Our expanded rim lineup offers more sizes than any other manufacturer in the industry. These custom sizes allow you to maximize performance while lowering your overall cost per hour!

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SETCO’s latest in a long line of innovations, designed for the ever-increasing weight of larger machines that have the most severe load & carry, continuous operations, this patent pending “vented” design operates where other solid tires will overheat.

As the coolest running solid tire in the industry, this unique design allows the heat generated from continuous operation to be vented from the very core of the tire.

With small holes strategically placed to vent heat from the most problematic areas of the tire and combined with SETCO’s heat dissipating compounds, no other tire comes close to SETCO’s newest addition to the Junk Yard Dog lineup.

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We use 100% natural rubber for its outstanding cut resistance and longevity qualities that are such an important part of the life cycle of a solid rubber tire. Our exclusive rubber compounds allow us to produce the greatest cut resistant solid tire while maintaining maximum flexibility of the rubber.

100% Natural Rubber

Finest Materials


Only the finest materials and state of the art equipment are used in creating the industry leading solid tires on rims.


A SETCO solid tire is used in extreme and abusive applications where pneumatic or foam filled tires will not last. So tough, our solid rubber tires are known as “Junk Yard Dog” tires!.

“Junk Yard Dog”

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