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There are so many advantages to solid rubber forklift tires. SETCO solid forklift tires are manufactured with a long lasting rubber compound throughout the entire forklift tire and have more usable rubber as well.

SETCO manufactures a super single solid forklift tire that takes the place of conventional tires in a dual application. By doubling the width of the solid forklift tire, the load capacity is increased and the void between tires is eliminated. By eliminating this dead space on SETCO’s solid forklift tires, SETCO diminishes the danger of debris being caught up and causing damage to the solid forklift tire.

All these features add up to no flats and no failures with SETCO solid forklift tires, which make it the most cost effective solid forklift tire available.

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Forklift Tires


We use 100% natural rubber for its outstanding cut resistance and longevity qualities that are such an important part of the life cycle of a solid rubber tire. Our exclusive rubber compounds allow us to produce the greatest cut resistant solid tire while maintaining maximum flexibility of the rubber.

100% Natural Rubber

Finest Materials


Only the finest materials and state of the art equipment are used in creating the industry leading solid tires on rims.


A SETCO solid tire is used in extreme and abusive applications where pneumatic or foam filled tires will not last. So tough, our solid rubber tires are known as “Junk Yard Dog” tires!.

“Junk Yard Dog”

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