Tire Management System

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TMS stands for Tire Management System.

It’s lots of information working together to make calculated suggestions and predictions on the best practices to manage your fleet’s loader tires, TMS maximizes your tire’s life by proactively informing you at the optimal moment when your tires should be rotated on each machine.

In doing so, the TMS minimizes stress on your drive train, helping you avoid damage

A Tire Management System
That Cuts Costs By
Keeping YOU Informed


1. Register for TMS

  1. SETCO invites you to Join TMS Today. Click Here!
  2. You enter your basic data:

2. Add Your Machines

Adding a machine to Setco TMS is a straightforward process that involves entering basic information about the machine and its tires. This enables the system to provide smart predictions based on wear rate and optimize tire life through proper rotations.

3. We’ll take it From There!

We can dive a lot deeper into the system, but that’s really the backbone of it.

If you have more machines, you can easily add them.

The TMS will email you monthly asking for updated info.

After just a few entries, the TMS will start making smart predictions based on wear rate.


Saves Money

Using a host of information, our system makes calculated suggestions and predictions on the best practices to manage your fleet’s loader tires, thus maximizing your tire life.

Automatic Alerts

Our highly intelligent systems uses the spec of your specific machines, measurement and usage hours to determine exactly when your tires should be rotated. Alerts are sent to you automatically.

Minimizes Stress on Machines

Unbalanced tires can put tremendous stress on the drive train of a machine, causing unnecessary, avoidable damage. By managing your fleet’s tires, Setco TMS helping you avoid costly damage.

Tire Fleet Overview

Setco TMS provides a fast and easy way to assess the overall tire condition of your fleet, giving you a clear understanding of which tires need attention and helping you to make informed maintenance decisions.


More Benefits

  • 20% longer tire life, with proper rotations.
  • Keeps the drive train in SAE specs.
  • Prolongs drive train life.
  • Predicts rotations months in advance allowing you to schedule rotations for your benefit.
  • Provides a diagram that shows where each tire should be moved…taking out the guesswork.
  • Calculates your tire costs more closely than any previous system.
  • Alerts you to any potential drive train problems.
  • Quickly gives you a view of the overall tire condition of your fleet.
  • Eliminates surprises…Will alert you of your tire needs weeks in advance.
  • Can assist with yearly budget projections.
  • Equips you with industry leading tools to help you make the best tire purchasing decisions.
  • Can compare tires with past data predicting tire cost on different size and brands of tires.
  • Can suggest the proper use of spare tires and when to add them into the mix.

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